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Collect Beauty Flickering LED Tea Lights With Timer Wavy Amber Flashing Bulb Battery Operated Fake Candles Wedding Holiday Celebration Party Favors Votive Candle Pack of 24


ColorThe candle basic color: whiteThe flame color: switch on: warm white-flickering, switch off: transparentThe flicker subtly enough to be authenticSize:Dia*Height:1.42 inch X 1.42 inch /36 mm X 36 mm (contain


The candle basic color: white
The flame color: switch on: warm white-flickering, switch off: transparent
The flicker subtly enough to be authentic
Dia*Height:1.42 inch X 1.42 inch /36 mm X 36 mm (contain the “flame” height)
Perfect standard size LED tea light candle fit into any candle holder, votive, mason jars, luminary bags and glass cups
Battery Type
Button Cell, model number : CR-2032 3V Lithium Cell Battery
Battery life
180 hours-200 hours
On-off Mode
A sliding switch on the bottom
Battery Changing Position
Replaced easily via the tab on the bottom
Package includes
24 X Candle
Usage Occasion
You can use the LED tea light candle both indoors or outdoors, the soft glow of the candle is the most relaxing environmental factors , it is prefect compliments to the table decorations for wedding and decorate for Christmas or outdoor party around your house. Those candles are absolutely adorable! you can set those candles up in the bathroom and at the table in your room,they will create enough light to set that romantic tone. It also suitable for making a proposal, anniversaries, restaurants and DIY projects and so on
1 Please avoid soaking it in the water
2 Please don’t let the baby and pet touch the button cell to avoid accidental swallowing it
200 hours, Long Lasting : the led tea light candle powered by one single CR-2032 (included and installed), the replaceable button cell is environmental, energy-efficient, long-life. the estimated working time of candle is last over 200 hours with one new CR-2032
Timer: start a 6 hours on and 18 hours off cycle. A generous package of 24 candle with batteries included and installed, work out of box and the on-off sliding switch on the bottom, easy to use. Size: Dia1.42 inch*Height 1.42 inch(contain the “flame”)
Realistic warm white flickering flame design and wavy top shape of candle, soft and comfortable lighting, brings harmony and warmth to every family. As a decoration, the tea light fake candle is suitable for any event that needs that extra elegance, such as wedding ceremonies, holidays celebrations, birthdays, Christmas season, etc
Main Material : LED+ PP, The bright lamp of the unique advanced polypropylene is softer and clearer than traditional lamp , save the trouble to avoid being smashed to pieces
Compare this LED fake candle with wax candle, the battery-powered LED tea light candle provides a realistic candlelight effect, but absolutely no burning risk and fire hazards, no dripping wax, flameless and smoke-free, doesn’t heat up when used in practice, safe for families and don’t worry about falling asleep without blowing the candles


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